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George Frye of George Frye and Company

George Frye

George Frye is a financial consultant and the founder of George Frye and Company. Earning degrees in Business Administration (Morehouse College) and Law (Woodrow Wilson College of Law), George has been able to use his education and skills to establish a career and create businesses in the financial management and consulting industry. For more than 20 years, he has used his experience in this field to help individuals successfully manage their money, pull themselves out of debt, build wealth and plan for retirement. George Frye and Company engages in all phases of small business and personal financial planning.

After establishing a career as a financial consultant, George began to realize the extent to which financial challenges and the related stress were weighing down and worrying so many people. This prompted him to embrace his calling, and create Financial Visions, Inc., a program offered to churches that equips parishioners with valuable knowledge and guidance to help them become more financially responsible and debt free. By applying Kingdom principles and realistic steps to personal finances, the program seminars have proven to be valuable tools for countless families and individuals throughout the metro Atlanta area. 

George is passionate about connecting with people in a real, relevant and relatable way to help them get a clear vision of their financial future and win with their life and money.