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Debt Elimination


Eliminate your debt in 8 years or less!

Let our highly accredited financial advisors show you how to use your current income to wipe out all your debt and improve your financial standing.

That’s right, you can pay off all your debt with the money you have now. You don’t need a second job, a new job, or a massive raise at your current job. And no, you don’t have to win the lottery either. We can customize a plan for you that uses the income you already have to help you climb completely out of debt. By wiping out your debt, you will discover the peace that comes with financial independence, and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Financial independence allows you to live debt free and stress free. 

Our personalized get-out-of-debt roadmap will guide you to the debt-free life of your dreams. 

Debt Elimination

If you’re like most people, at some point you’ve compared your life or financial status to someone who seems to be living a more rewarding and fulfilling life than you. You’ve probably wondered, “Why can’t I live like that?” and “How can I live like that?” The answer is you can! But, living this kind of successful, meaningful, and satisfying life doesn’t happen by chance; it takes hard work, deliberate spending, and planning.

George Frye and Company can help you with that planning. We will work with you to create your personal debt-elimination plan – a personalized blueprint for financial freedom that shows you how to use your current income to pull you completely out of debt in eight years or less.

Why focus on eliminating debt? Because debt can be insidious: it can quietly creep up on you and create a myriad of problems, wreaking havoc on your life. Consider these facts:

  • Studies show that nearly two-thirds of all marriages start off in debt, and over one-third (36.1 %) of divorces occur because of financial issues like debt buildup and overspending;
  • People who struggle with debt are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety;
  • Stressing over debt negatively impacts a person’s physical health;
  • Frustration and tension surrounding debt often strains (in some cases even destroying) relationships with family and friends;
  • Eliminating your debt can lead to better mental health, cognitive function and higher self-esteem, more extra income every month, early retirement, a better credit score, and better job prospects.