Discovering Financial Freedom - It's a Money Thing

Learn more about our debt-reduction plan. Eliminate your debt in 8 years or less!


Whether you need assistance with financial planning, debt elimination, insurance evaluation, or identification of loss areas, we can show you how to get started on the right path to your financial future.


Get out of debt

Our personalized get-out-of debt plan accelerates your debt payoff using the money you’re already earning. We can help you get out of debt in eight years or less. Best of all, it’s free!

Build wealth

Don’t work your way out of retirement. Live your best life now by building wealth. Our team can show you a fresh approach to creating and maintaining personal financial security. 


Safeguard your investments

George Frye and Company specializes in recommending and implementing strategies that help you safeguard your investments and enjoy your retirement. The strategies that we recommend for our clients are incredibly effective alternatives to more traditional, risky retirement strategies.

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